@wbrewing 559 Raisin Farmhouse ale, it’s like they randalled Wallonia through a Coinstar machine


I Am not exaggerating.

It’s like they brewed a farmhouse ale and the farmhouse was actually a recycling center. Pennies and crushed aluminum are presented for your enjoyment.
So you see that srm and think “maybe it’s a…Biere de Garde?” And then again maybe it was filtered through a tesla coil. Then again, this brewery previously made a “saison lager” so my expectations for this Clovis upstart were more tapered than Pharrell’s khakis.

This beer is comically misguided in both form and execution. It is hard to rail on this with the endearing personal story about raisin farmers on the back but, perhaps a greater disservice could not have been done against raisin farmers unless Monsanto brewed this themselves.

It has a waft of odd clove and DMS that I initially attributed to the yeast but, a sip of the acrimonious metallic treat confirmed otherwise. This is not estery bomb, it tastes like it was cool shipped inside of an old decommissioned missile. The caramel and buttery mouthfeel linger endlessly despite the thin filtered execution. It’s like when a movie like Big Mamas House is only 80 minutes but still feels way too long.

I had wanted to try these guys badly, and now I cannot wait to visit their tasting room opening in downtown Clovis soon. The streets will flow with the blood of the saisonbelievers.

 Joke’s on old DDB this time. 

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