@sideprojectbeer La Biere De Fantasie, it’s like sexting that person labeled “don’t answer” in your phone

If you follow DDB you will know I have a love hate relationship with Cory King and those Side Project hucksters. They have a sky high K/D ratio, pulling farmhouse head shots, but like FPS games, their fan base is full of the biggest shitlords in the game. If you don’t believe me, go try to land an accessible bottle like Saison Du Fermier and watch those STL opportunists finger your dickhole whispering “best saison in the world according to BA” and then unabashedly ask for Zomer.

But that isn’t Side Project’s fault. If anything the rapacious nature is cultivated on both sides, generating rectum stretching in equal parity. But what does butthole stretching have to do with today’s review? SO MUCH I ASSURE YOU

  Side project brewing, st Louis , InBevland, 7% abv

Commercial tug job:
Blend of Puncheon-Fermented Saisons that used the house Saison strain from Off Color Brewing in Chicago and the house Missouri cocktail from Side Project Brewing. Fermented and aged in French Oak Pinot Noir puncheons for 6 months before blending

This is admittedly a beautiful radiant beer with ample carb that I cant stop admiring. That translucent clarity and microcarb sitting atop the surface like on golden pond, imdb game on swole.

There was a recent row when the BJCP attempted to update their standards to note that Saisons with Brett were nonstandard and therefore within the ambit of american wild ales. I don’t need to point at a Pontiac Aztek for you to know it’s the dumbest shit ever, you just know when you see it. Similarly Side Project sometimes gets kicked square in the taint when this debate comes up due to the clear interplay of monocultures in their “Saisons.” I am here to tell you this is decidedly their most saisoneyey offering to date and it shines in a traditional way.

 Best saison of 2008, hands down 
The nose is estery, crisp, pear with green apple, part of me wants to toss the DMS flag but it sublimates Into a sort of cornbread and Riesling that is inviting. This isn’t some lacto Bomb tearing ass over the farmhouse world, and perhaps the Apex Predator-esque elements from Off Color pull this into a more Sacchro forward realm. Who knows, but it works and hits you with those billy blanks tai bo farmhouse kicks.

The taste is more bitter and estery than any other offerings in the SP catalog and serves as a welcome rejoinder to show their catalog can do more than fruit up 7% wild ales and attract midwest assholes. The taste is lemon merengue, Jansport backpack, bitter yard trimmings, banana pith and a dry Chardonnay closer. This isn’t sour and instead aligns itself with the likes of Darbyste or Pipaix, which is quite a feat for a brewery entrenched in AWA execution.

 TFW the dregs kick in. 
This, like the grisette and Biere du pays will likely be side projects least well received beers, and serves as a testament to the new money dipshits who are flipping these bottles, uptrading, turning them into brew balls or upcoding them on list serves. The things worthy of drinking and appreciation will never see the light of day so long as the worst fans keep pushing the bar lower. It is a cyclical paradigm of the tastiest beers attracting the shittiest people in a closed feedback loop.

Seek this beer out, and prepare yourself for some Dodge Caliber driving asshole to demand a Cable Car in return. Because priorities.


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