@jesterkingbeer Autumnal Dichotomous spice racks on racks on racks


i shared this gem with the boys at Live Oak brewing and the trans-Austin pipeline was complete. So if you are like me, you may have thought that dichotomous was a one off but BE STILL YOUR HEART, this is a series focused around the seasons themsevles. According to owner/brewer Ron Extract, the dichotomy is created by paralleling the concept of brewing in anticipation of a season, a living product constantly evolving, that in turn serves to parallel the season prospectively in fermentation and retrospectively as it ages later in the bottle. I think I paraphrased that correctly. It is an interesting series akin to the Armand 4 where you are using sensory elements to capture the inherently unstatic joie de vivre of time, and fuck mad bitches.

So what does fall taste like? For most neckbeard pussies it tastes like damp earth and getting stomped out behind the band room first day of school. It’s like they don’t even know how much a clarinet costs. Here’s the commercial description:

The ingredients used in this beer are meant to evoke the season. Butternut squash, acorn squash, and the herbs and spices used—dried sage and long pepper—are common components of autumnal meals. Head Brewer Garrett Crowell smoked the acorn and butternut squash over oak barrel staves, to invoke sense memories of fall. As he describes his motivation:

“I’m very inspired by nostalgia, and the smell of burning leaf piles is perhaps my most nostalgic memory of fall. The subtle smoke and spice character in the beer reminds me of those dim-lit autumn afternoons, running through the neighborhood and the smell in the air.””

It has to be understood as the outset that most beer nerds have a US Weekly reading level and Island of the Blue Dolphins on their shelves so I understand if the foregoing is lost on them. Let’s just talk about my subjective impressions, the absolute authority on how everyone should feel universally.

The carb is really toeing that Ale Apothecary line of “filipino foam party” and is borderline excessive. The SRM is dark amber to light mocha hues, the wet silt from harvest season attendant thereto. The nose is intensely spice driven and even more earthy than the winter iteration and seems like the two could have been outright swapped given the beer world’s predeliction for winter to mean “add nutmeg and allspice to everything.” 

There are lightly acetic aspects that are hardly perceptible over the leafy spice, musky raked pine needles, a touch of lemon and toasted rye pumpernickel.

The taste is better than the nose and it is more malty and offers root vegetables, cloves, banana, and a lingering spice profile like zucchini bread. It is a fine beer, but easily my least favorite of all the seasons. It is unquestionably well done and a testament to jester King that they can take that insane list of ingredients and still pull off a pretty tasty albeit aberrant beer.


I prefer beers with a turbie mash


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