@jesterkingbeer Reposè, the hotel gave me a pint glass for a brandy barrel aged Biere de garde. This website sucks


Jester King Brewing, microaggressionville, Tejas

8.3% abv Brandy barrel biere de Garde

Last week we talked about how Council brewing made a musty not even sour BdG and addressed the constantly evolving nature of this dark horse genre. Jester King went all regal and borderline 50n on these tickers with a brandy barrel treatment, yes I know, cognac. But is this tasty?

In a word, yes. It is undeniably a biere de garde in sum and substance. The carb is phenomenal and the srm is that caramel extravaganza of deep orange and ruby amber hues you would expect. The nose is more acetic than I enjoy and falls closer to the realm of flanders red really and exhibits a touch of cherry, maltiness, raspberry nail polish, bready malts, and a long caramel finish.


So many feels in the mouth.

The taste leans even further to the flanders/Wanderer realm and presents a massive bready opened like Hawaiian rolls, red wine vinegar, middle raspberry, Rolos, baked rye, and a sharp currant finish. It is intensely drinkable and the FG is the classic JK 1.0000000000000004. You can pound this and think of Oud Bruins that could have been.

Some may say this is straight american wild ale given its clear interplay with monoculture emphasis but that doesn’t mean it isn’t dry and intensely tasty. If you love Herfst drink the Council offering, if you enjoy Caracterie Rouge, drink this. I would love another clearly inferior beer site to rate the two back to back, the biere de garde genre commands it. 


They waiting for the next Fedex box to land. 

In sum, this is really tasty and if you liked Wanderer you will love this meticulously crafted entry.


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