New Glarus Wild sour, early morning whip ticks


Does new Glarus have a twitter yet? They need to get in on this internet fad before it bursts.

Anyway, this is a criminally underAppreciated beer that goes hard in the paint. It exhibits grace and balance, both pineapple, honey and clementines in the nose. There is a ratcheted acidity that makes it way more pleasant, a lingering sweetness of melon that gives way to a syrupy mouthfeel that gives a great stage for the acidity to dance upon.

The whole affair is amongst NG’s best and for everyone drying their jazz rags over wild peach, this beer is vastly under serviced.

Don’t stop get it get it. Don’t stop let a ticker hit it.


Traders still fapping to vsb and sleeping on the recent 226 de garde releases this quarter.

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