@crookedstave Just drinking waelzblood and the two persica variants while laying in the gutter. Typical Sunday morning


Well now that all the typical dipshits have quieted down with their rumors of persicas demise, let’s take an active look retrospectively at these member only apricot bangers.

If you know anything you probably heard a cadre of core skills palates grumbling about a diacetyl referementation in persica blend 1 and 2, but guess what, unlike your mangy pubes situation: it cleans itself up. So anyone who spun clever yarns with their favorite BJCP off flavor adjectives like BUTTER POPCORN APPLE GREEN APPLE GRANNY SMITH MARGARINE can now stfu. These apple polishers love the decline of an idol, and burning persica after the flawless batch 1 was coveted seems to be their manner of coping.

Let’s get this out there at the outset: none of these approach Persica batch one, which isn’t really a fair benchmark as that remains one of the finest awa ever made. Only Gremlins surpasses the original, but that’s a story for another day.

Let’s rank these so the simple Prop huggers can know where to misplace their covetous eyes:

Third place/

Persica blend 2

This beer was refreshing and exhibited the best carb of the three but looks are not everything, despite what that girl from Arizona State led you to believe. This beer on it’s own would fall near the top of the crooked stave offerings but short of masterpieces like L Brett d or grand cru. The nose is awesome, tangerine, apricot, peach jolly ranchers and a produce aisle musk. The taste has a touch of brackish salinity but follows with faint dry fruit and not a hint of diacetyl. I would imagine the Brett was the rock to those scissors and knocked it out.

Overall pretty deece but perhaps not worth the top tier price of entry in the trade game


Persica blend 1

This is the mama bear bed in the three bears house that is persica. It isn’t nearly as acidic as waelzblood but not as gentle in execution as blend 2, it just is. In that kanthan vein of epistemological concerns I feel like I dc can’t know this thing in itself because it flies under the radar in every aspect and is therefore more difficult to comment upon. The nose is not as pronounced as blend 2 but excels in the across the aisle compromise of juice for musk bartering.

This is worth seeking out and very tasty, topping the finest of the crooked stave lineup.

First place/


This beer was a 125 bottle “release” that was a gift to members who reupped their cellar society memberships from 2012 to 2013. For those who had faith.

Commercially they spin it like this:

Aged in NBB Love barrels with CO Peaches and Hibiscus. This beer is made as a one of a kind beer for the 2012 Cellar Reserve Members who joined again in 2013 as loyal members. To you we raise our glass and say, Cheers!”

But to be honest this seems like a single barrel batch 1 persica blended with blend 2. Best of both worlds.

The look is strange at the outset because it looks tannic as fuck, brassy and unlike any persica brethren. I suspected oxy but NOPE just intense acidity and intense musk. The pour is damn near still with a ring that leaves faster than Clay Aiken at a pantera concert.

The nose just overdoes it in every way, highly acidic like kumquats and Meyer lemon, Raked Leaves and leather abound. It feels much older than it is, like when you dust off some doesjel and wonder what it was like fresh.

The taste is haribo peach rings rolled in lime and kiwis. It has a coating to the mouthfeel that is intensely tart but coats generously, an odd paradox.

This is unlike anything in the cs canon or other brewers portfolios in general and seems to have taken a page from flaming fury in many respects.

It is wildly delicious and like the conclusion of a Franklin and Bash marathon, I am left aching for more.


It leaves me scared but hopeful for the future , like those 22 minute rounded characters every week.


Worst part is these guys have no plans of slowing down or even making shittier beer. I thought that’s usually what expansion means.

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