Peg’s Nooner batch 6, rolled in the hotel popped a fat nooner when the Molly dropped I was straight getting PEGed.


Hot damn those Florida traders know how to shovel shit briquettes into the hype train. Fortunately , this runs on it’s own fumes and is legitimately very tasty.

Is it like, non-infected Rare dos good? Well let’s not shoot our loads too early. Easy, you dale Earnhart fans don’t make your Dick trickle.

The pour is actually somehow more svelte and nimble than the Rarereeerer canon but looks great with faint carb. I just let the poison spill, the pressures unreal.

The nose is unquestionably the best part of this beer god damn just huff this like model airplane glue: raisins, figs, toffee, toblerone, bruised plum, and a port sherry closer that lingers so hard. God damn is can’t underscore how fucking good this smells. Do rails and rub Flintstones vitamins on your gums.

The taste is stil good but not rare dos good , chocolate but a bit too sweet, lots of sugar daddies and like gilded rolos, mildly fusel with a heat and faint brackish astringency that isn’t perfect but still really fucking good. If you can’t land rum BT, this is like the Petite first growth graft from that varietal. I know this is rye whiskey rare dos but oddly it comes across more like a Madeira or rum treatment, no scratch no burn just a sticky raisin load running down your step sons throat while he learns long division.

Florida shit.


This poster was in a winery tasting room, do they think brewers are like, fucking convicts?


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