Michters single barrel bourbon 10, Been getting into ten year olds lately WAIT FUK NO NSA PLS


While it wouldn’t be fair to characterize Michter’s as some sleeper hit, these single barrel offerings don’t get the praise that they rightly deserve. It looks innocent enough, a single barrel, 94 proof, not exceptionally old, iconic branding: why should we give a fuck?

The overall execution is greater than the sum of it’s individual attributes on paper, and I think many people saw the $80-90 price tag and winced for a ten year when Willett can be had for the same price, stay with me now: this bourbon is perhaps better than the WFE analogs in several respects. The nose, for starters, is rich and complex like werthers original, toffee, a touch of oak, sawdust, and bowling alley lacquer. You can ruminate on this for hours while watching a Murphy Brown marathon and wondering what your ex wife doesn’t see in you.

The taste is shockingly hot for a lil 94 proof temptress, more in that Willett realm but by no means a ECBP or GTS unworldly “water mandatory” sort of continuum. The taste has equal parts vanilla and butterscotch sweetness and a staggering depth of wood and resin for a mere 10 year old, the two work in perfect harmony and this dominates the fuck out of it’s price range when secondary markets and availability are considered. The michters 10 year rye? Well that’s a whole fucking different story for a other day.

Seek this one out, it will likely outdo the orvw and lot b you have been pulling your pud over, and you can live your life like a respectable human without giving HJs on the Kmart loading dock.


Meanwhile dipshits next weekend about to be like-


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