Sazerac Ryse Against and Papillons. THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS.


Well it’s clear that I am a poor fuck who can’t afford that baller ass Sazzy 18, so here we are, blended poverty level, proofed down to 90 for Delta Gamma palates. But is it Worf it?

A six year rye for fucking $30? Shit yes this is worth it in so many levels. This is that Buffalo Trace pumping out the Honda accord of mid tier rye to make even modest wallets feel relevant.

The nose has a spicy rye crackle that is lightly herbal and has a white peppercorn waft to it, there’s a butterscotch to it but it’s pretty spicy and is not near as tame as the higher proofed Willett single barrel rye, which is surprising.

The taste has a varnish and heat to it, it rampages with a light an aesthetic quality that fills the sweet molasses aspects. It cannot be reasoned with and burns far more than the 90 proof would indicate. All in all a legit bargain though and not many things are comparable in this realm and this remains an old standby, especially if you have friends that are blubbering labias that like mixed drinks.

Perfect for the labias.


This is my rye inside your heart.


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