@perennialbeer You got to be barreling sump’n. BA Sump


If you follow DDB, you may recall I was a huge prick and ripped into this beer upon it’s first release 18 months ago. I am now revisiting this ratchet to contrast my previous cockery to its current state of affairs. I mean, coffee abraxas was the best of the abraxii tribe so it just didn’t make sense. HOW DID IT GRIND MY BEANS SO HARD?

Upon further examination I realized a few things:

1. It isn’t as shitty as I initially exaggerated
2. The acidic roast on the b2 is gone and leans more towards a nutty toastiness. More barrel presence. More of what my initial expectations were.
3. I previously drank ba sump right after morning delight, arguably the best coffee beer ever made, so anything is gonna taste like Folger’s afterbirth by contrast
4. B2 ba sump is actually a pretty tasty beer but doesn’t toe the ledge of greatness in the way that BCBCS and ba speedway do. Perhaps it’s a touch thinner, less balanced, and seems less substantial, but the b2 is a vast improvement over the first bottling.

All in all, it is certainly worth your time but the high cost of entry maybe buy your kids diapers instead. Maybe child protective services will get off your back if you don’t have khaki stained teeth and Burn Notice on your dvr.


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