DuPont Triomfbier vooruit, I expected the smoke profile to taste like unlubed condoms, but this is actually a really tasty saison.


I don’t need to tell you this, but I hate rauch anything. When I heard “smoked saison” I had chilling nightmares of Jester King salt lick and my butthole constricted like a sea anemone.

Rest assured, this is DuPont we are dealing with here, and this beer is actually very solid thick fit tight. The carb billows out in an excessive showy fashion, cumulus clouds clinging to the glass atop an amber body that shines like a new penny. Looks pretty good so far, almost more akin to a biere de garde really.

The nose is a huge waft of smoke, black and milds, humidor ashtrays, and toasty robustos. It segues into a lightly musky and tart for of Fuji apple and pear finish that pulls you both ways like when your only son asks to join the gymnastics team to do the floor routine. You are Torn.

The taste is solid DuPont through and through, the smoke puts on a little preamble but exits promptly and it is back to farmhouse business as usual immediately thereafter. There is a wonderful cornbread and lemongrass opener that is refreshing with a peaty smoke component that, while not pleasant on the nose, adds a scotch complexity that is oddly phenomenal.

So is this worth it? Assuming this hits that reasonable pricing g spot of all the other DuPont offerings in the $10 range, I would hit this all day long. It is refreshing and complex but won’t knock you out or present a litany of odd phenolic smoke components. Iris both interesting and also the same old DuPont you have grown accustomed to, and that is quite the combo. Break up the smoke and blaze it up.


“I like adjunct lagers and shirts that look like the wallpaper from a 1970s hunting lodge. These are my interests.”


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