@caseybrewing batch 1 Saison, typical Colorado move: release an amazing farmhouse and don’t tell anyone


Obviously, we don’t agree on what’s obscene.

What is obscene is how intensely drillable this saison is. Beyond that, it actually presents an interesting yeasty lemon lime ester profile like a Punnett Square, the offspring of Jester king and fantome Printemps. It remains juicy and never too drying, a light creaminess like a torrified wheat to the body. The swallow finishes with some tangerine and a cucumber water refreshment. It never overstays its welcome and closes swiftly, dropping a business card in the fishbowl, welcoming your palate for another deep pull.

While not overtly complex or maintaining a top tier musk, you would still swipe right on Tickdr and get this inside of you with no regrets.

You could even introduce Casey to your mom for a round.


Small yet powerful in a meaningful way


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