Cable Car 2013, finally getting back to the cervix shattering 2009 levels.


Everyone has three jokes:

2009 cable car is the best, I’ve heard, I mean, hey, I have this DB Huna. Please.

2012 cable car tastes like chlorine. I mean . I have heard. But I got this Damon. Please.

2007 cable car oh man so over the hill. I mean. I have heard, I got this ba abraxas. Please. Srs it’s fair please.

But what about people who actually know what the fuck they are talking about? This goes in hard. This is the best vintage since 2009 and is akin to an American Zomer. Bright, lemon , radiant acidity, waves of sunshine running through my vas deferens, just limit breaks and super Sayan musk.

This vintage is outright mind blowing and worth the staggering $60 retail cost. I mean that, and I wish I didn’t. I can’t approximate a comparable cheaper analog with any real proximity.

Deep squats, hard pump.

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