2007 Surly Darkness, a shockingly delicious foray into that no barrel/white whale territory.


Here is a white whale I always shook my head at and dreaded ticking because I JUST KNEW IT WOULD BE BRUTAL. Amazingly, this is a Hershey’s syrup masterpiece and with the faded hops , it held up like a champ that decadent nestle chips and sticky mallow and roast. I can’t honestly say this is the best vintage I have ever had, it reminds me of a more posed and refined kern class V.

This is like mouth kissing a hot ratchet who is all into Hershey kisses, just sweet and steamy at the same damn time. Highly recommended, for what a recommendation like that is worth, GUYS GO GET THIS OLD FUCKING EXTINCT STOUT DDB SAID ITS TASTY HE ALSO SAID FUCK YOUR SISTER AND SMASHED THE BOTTLE


Old enough to know better. Young enough to accept the candy.

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