@spitefulbrewing Stop hitting on my sister you GOD. DAMN. PIGEON.


I really enjoyed their insane branding and brash approach to things, it was like if three Floyd’s released a 3 track ep and were still in the initial touring phase. Any way , this beer is really tasting . No qualifiers needed, you get a waft of amazing brownie and caramel like the finest Pizzookie nose.

The taste is slick and dances like Usher where you get those half boners but it’s not weird because like just look how talented he is, and sweaty. The taste is like exceptional Dr. pepper meets wafty bourbon. The clean chocolate aspect works so well with the barrel character that makes this strangely sessionable for how substantial it is. If this isn’t their best beer, then I don’t know what is. Quite an accomplishment in retraint and poise for a brewery that excels in extremes.

Let it dribble down that deep ass belly button I know you have been hiding.


Get your mouth on it.

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