l’brett D’Or Cherry, Colorado tickers intentionally giving mediocre reviews to amazing beers. Smart.


Colorado tickers might be the craftiest people in the game right now, first throwing people off the tracks of the grand cru, then trying to get people away from this fantastic cherry tannic banger, it’s like the inverted version of the Midwest, which seems typographically apropos.

This is intensely cherry and musky on the nose, yearbooks and cherry blossom, not the grenadine Shirley temple shit: that uncut nectar. The taste is sour enough but lends itself to long sessions, not drilling the gum line but leaning on it like an effective loan shark to let your jaw know there will be consequences. It is thin as hell ultra nimble and finishes like a refined fruit by the foot you can’t stop drilling on. The roll simply isn’t big enough for the recess that Is your vacant palate.

This is fantastic and god damn it all, I hope traders don’t fuck this up for everyone. Apologies in advance to Colorado tickers for blowing your cover.


When DDB outs a beer you want to keep to yourself, sippers be like

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