@santradairius I said, THIS IS A GOOD BEER, it’s like you aren’t even listening to me, Stewart.


Them SARA kids are at it again with those lightly tart lemonade bangers, this time in an ultra attenuated albeit anomalously low carbed riff on that paradigm.

The beer exhibits an inviting wispy collar that crackles away immediately and leaves a still radiant pool of phosphorous yellow luminescence.

The carb simply has better shit to do, catching up on ExploitedCollegeGirls episodes I can only assume.

The nose is lemon and tart skittles, tufts of wheat grist and closes with a lightly yogurt musk, future chobani swagger.

The taste is akin to Nonna’s Blend 5 and just lays there for pounding and, I mean it literally, this is the most drinkable beer that they have made to date. This is similar to Clara in execution and probably would have throbbed more beer nerd acorn penises if it were billed as a grisette. It is intensely clean with a hard mineral water profile underscoring the lemongrass and shocktarts in the swallow. Mouthfeel is slick and lightly dry, a very pleasant and intensely crushable beer.



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