@santeadairius Cask Cherry, cask 200 with them gushy gushies, it’s like upping the boost in your GTR


Ok so you read my c200 reviews and maybe read the cask strawberry, so how does this fit into the fine pedigree? I would say it is something like this in the Toyota solara breakdown:

1. Cask strawberry (dat olfactory)
2. Cask 200 b1
3. Cask cherry
4. Cask 200 b2

Which is like saying “cask 200 b2 has the smallest dick of all the porn stars I’ve seen.” I mean, it’s still jaw dropping, but how far does the jaw drop.

Cherry is a touch more acidic and comes across like a straight up wild ale and sheds a good degree of its saison pedigree in favor of acidic tannic garbs. The nose is a blast of juicy gushers and dry cherry tannins, crisp tangerine and Brett L, wet canvas and a sort of sunny D closer.

The taste has a more pronounced cherry aspect to it like fruit roll ups dunked in fantome classic, but with a dryness and less substantial mouthfeel that a straight up seeeasion. One thing this brings to the table is a creamy awesome orange Julius aspect to the mouthfeel that has a tropical execution when coupled with the fruity acidity.

This is dro. Top tier fruit Saisons/American wild line stepper that executes in both realms.


These Saisons will never commit, so elusive, just wanna bang on late night funk sessions

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