Westbound and Down Brewing Double Barrel Louie, exceptional balance in a svelte barleywine frame

On the eve of rauch Endgame might as well pop a double barrel barleywine from westbound and down brewing, YOURE FUCKIN OUT.

Idaho Springs [Stefan Yauchzee 🥔 points] Colorado. This beer is really good, so much depth and interplay between the port/peach bourbon aspect, vinous, figs, pruney dates but with a tight little old ale frame that gingerly releases the oaky clutch. It’s not a notchy bitter cask gearbox, if anything it’s almost too lithe in an Adam from the Wood sort of way. Really enjoyable if you like to tread the fruit leather path and eschew British confectionaries.


Batch 45 of Malt Couture has horny zombies and baseball beers and birds and Pennsylvania bangers

Oh 🐦 🚨 Malt couture batch 45 is on draft. We open the new Gratitude, try some awesome PA beers, Sloh and PMG are infected with the umbrella virus. The old trickster Stephen brings in a beer 10 years in the making, we cover beer 🍻 baseball ⚾️ news! We follow up on @chihuahuacerveza with some digging into their production, and cover the Iron Triangle Brewing bankruptcy. After that spicy 🌶 drama we crack some god tier @voodoobrewery and @3sonsbrewingco juice and go full Pennsylvania mode. There’s also a horny zombie in this episode and he cannot be satiated. #zombies #beer #brewing #pa #podcast #comedy #craftbeer #rarebeer #sick



New show announced a week from today: Goose Island Tolerates Malt Couture at the Clybourn Pub Live April 19, 2019!

Oh dang @maltcoutureddb is coming A WEEK FROM TODAY to contaminate the @gooseclybourn facility with live comedy, games, improv and some high octane blending. STEPHEN DRINKS LITERAL GASOLINE [not true] but this show is going to be rad and totally different from the 4/20 show. It’s $15 and you get a pour of 2018 propreeesh it should be an awesome time. Also if you are balling outrageous there is a VIP session that is extremely limited and we are bringing some awesome gems from the linen closet for an exclusive tiny share before the show. Put on your Zubaz shorts and finest trilby and join us 🤺link below! #podcast #comedy #craftbeer #chicago #beer

VIP link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/malt-couture-vip-educational-bottle-share-at-the-goose-island-clybourn-brewhouse-tickets-59927428552

8pm Show: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/goose-island-tolerates-malt-couture-live-at-the-clybourn-brewhouse-tickets-60157895886



Main and Mill Brewing Barrel Aged Jifforia is Excessive in the Most Nut Smashing Way Possible

This @mainandmillbrew BA Jifforia is the quintessential representation of one dimensional stout excess, in the best way possible. Usually the newest StL adjacent hypewater has The Who’s who of confectionary items like a Wakefieldian laundry list. In the way that every hazy has the same five hops listed in different orders, such is the case for innumerable tired entries in the Glucowater style: coconut coffee vanilla cocoa nib afterbirth. This beer throws the Coldstone out with the creamery and embraces a single Jiffy point to the halberd: nonstop peanut butter, shells to the wall. It has that heft and viscosity in the 1.060 FG that people have come to praise as a fakie kickflip in the brewing world. Ferms stalling out gets the new balances standing on pavement.

This somehow wrangles that massive presence and throws intent behind the hefty sheeting. This is a Reese’s driven thicccboi and the poise and stability is both crushing and creamy. I can allude to the milk chocolate and Nestle Quik aspects but let’s be absolutely clear: this is an all Skippy endeavor and there is room for little else. The nose is so unidimensionally peanut butter that is exists as a fixed point on a single axis. It reminds me of the milk left over from OOPS ALL PEANUTBUTTER CUPS, or whatever HFC cereal they are selling kids these days. The taste provides some butterfinger but the barrel is almost completely absent in this nut smashing performance. Its like when you see Warren Sapp being a powerful beast but also a hefty chungus just taking people out, you respect what has been accomplished. This makes @witchshatbrewingcompany Dragontraxxx seem downright refined by contrast and you would hard crunched to find a more expressive representation of this Chick o Stik offering. It is very enjoyable but in a way that makes you feel bad about yourself for consuming it. I sat in rapt shame when I finished the entire season of “Selling Sunset.” The consumption was a loss, yet edifying, concurrently. Thankfully this trades so high that is lends itself to 13 mouthbreather KILL SHOT shares with filthy festival glasses and pithy untappd reviews “STRAIGHT JIFFY BRUU”

Thanks to Will Amacher for helping me lock down this insane gem

#rarebeer #instabeer #beerreviews


Batch 41 of Malt Couture: Fremont b3k, the Veil circle of wolves and a modelo tragedy


Batch 41 of @maltcoutureddb is on draft: @fremontbrewing b3k boy band juice, @theveilbrewing doubles down on the wolves, dystopian dog beer, and an absolute @modelousa tragedy occurs in East Los Angeles. RIP it’s not Modelo time. It’s a big batch with a lot to sip on, enjoy your malt couture as we slide into spring. BUMPBUMPBUMP. #barleywine #beer #craftbeer #memes #podcast #rarebeer


Little Beast is Turning out Sacchro Forward old School Farmhouse Bangers

@littlebeast_brewmaster has been bubbling away under the Pnw airlock for a bit now and in classic Oregon fashion, those selfish jerks just kept them to themselves. The old Colorado maneuver. These beers are oddly refreshing in that they are sacchro forward saisons in a world of monoculture nautical hull solvents. You get the grist and the esters, the grape must plays with the old bubble gum/big league chew swallow. In an even stranger move, the produce is hardly leaned upon and doesn’t serve to dominate the entire experience. Who the fuck is serving up restraint and nuance in 2019? Even grisettes are god damn Michael Bay affairs of road salt and warheads these days.

These beers feel out of place chronologically in the modern climate. The labels are kitschy and dated, the taste is akin to Cuvée du Jonquilles, it doesn’t have a pathetic sucrose crackle of carbonation that wisps away. Despite having RARE BEER on the label [?!] It’s good in a way that won’t set the trade boards ablaze, nor will this shine in a khaki stained Tampa taster glass. #saison #pnw #oregon #rarebeer #instabeer #beerstagram


Monkish Blind Pug, the hazemasters make a classic west coast ipa blessed by Vinnie

Monkish blind pug
7.5% abv

Well Instagram was down yesterday so it was fascinating to see breweries cope with this monumental shift in public policy. No one was made aware of the hypecans being peddled, no updates to PASTRY TOWN, no one could even find out what old RECKLESS brewing was up to: pure social drought. So without the hypehose a-flowing, it was interesting to see just what effect the platform had on Monkish’s classic weekday releases. Turns out: basically no effect at all. Dudes still showed up in droves and the TIPA sold out by 5:30 p.m. I popped in and got the last two fourpacks and noticed an oddly familiar looking bottle: BLIND PUG. At first blush this seems very out of pocket for Monkish: WEST COAST IPA with Nelson, Citra, Galaxy, Centennial. Did Beachwood invade the premises and start clarifying the tanks pell mell? Julian Shrago is an invasive irish moss tossing species. The label is a clear tip of the cap to Vinnie, who high atop his max efficiency fermenters in Windsor granted the vassal Henry papal clemency to pay homage to his own Blind {animal} series. Despite this contravening their whole “NO MSG” platform from five years ago, Monkish demonstrates that they aren’t sequestered in egg drop soup, they can fish bladder with the best of them. It is a blast of classic grapefruit pith, zested tangelo, light chard, a long resinous finish along the gumline but maintains a composure with the Sierra Mist you often get with Motueka on the swallow. The nose is all old school Alpine, Pat and the abandoned Christian Book Store in the waft. Split lumber, arugula, black limes. It’s extremely refreshing we can only hope that this is a harbinger of diversity to come in the lineup. #brewing #craftbeer #IPA #hophead #instabeer #beerstagram