608 Brewing Double Header: Dunkel vs Wheatwine

Pumps and a dunk

Wisconsin gang rise up 🐄 🧀 @608brewing made some solid ba stouts, but like someone who just bought an ACR bushmaster, we always want to test that range.

The dunkel is better than the wheatwine and that pains me to say. It’s exactly what I have been craving on these drippy socal days. The carb is frothy and whips lovingly like a reluctant Fiver dominatrix. You get a smack of toasted pumpernickel, light bitterness, playful clove esters, and a biscuity Gardettos chip swallow. You can sit with pinnochio and watch him praise dunkels and that nose stays the same size.

The ba wheatwine isn’t as sweet or honey driven as the style often provides. There’s an ultra saturated cask profile that dominates like a sazerac meets pretzel croissant aspect.

The two compliment one another like how only one person in a relationship can be the online one. The other has to have like zero social media presence it’s the rules. The clean restrained dunkel keeps the excessive wheatwine in line. Crisp lager balances the sticky spirit soaked pathology of that wheat. Parents who send their toddler to day care can launder their feelings of guilt by calling it “school” or you can sit at home with that .08 BAC Wisconsin parenting. Your Milwaukee mileage may vary.


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