Parker’s Heritage Collection 16 is the Best Bourbon of 2022

Chill filter your tits I didn’t review the neck pour

Parker’s Heritage Collection: the Shasta Heaven Hill BTAC that is a cask roulette every year. This year we have a “DOUBLE BARRELED” blend that is sitting at a tasteful $650 secondary. But how do them casks stack up?

PHC15 was my whiskey of the year last year and let me just get this out of the way: PHC16 is even better. It is a celebration of form and oak. If you know that stupid dipshit who consistently just gurgles “ERR JUST DRINK ELIJAH CRAIG BARREL PROOF, MY STEPKIDS DON’T TALK TO ME-” finally you can stuff this stave in their sour mash hole.

At the outset, a double barreled bourbon sounds like total marketing bullshit. Secondary casks exists almost exclusively to make up for age statements and a lack of complexity. Your friend who loves Angel’s Envy and all those tired Jefferson’s expressions can be safely ignored in all matters.

This is different. You get a 13 year old cask and a 15 year old cask mated, and one of the barrels basically has leather seats, literally. The level 3 char is almost a nod to PHC15 heavy char but you only get Level 3 char, which is barely enough to scorch my kindling.

Look at the dehydrated rehab house piss tones on this one. It is Death Valley sun tea. The nose is such a blast of gingerbread, top grain leather, lacquer, nutmeg and Pecan sandies. Taste is warm, bananas fosters, long dry cloves and lattice crust, with a tempered 130 proof exhale that makes you immediately lose credibility in domestic arguments.

Roko’s Basilisk is this idea that AI can get so advanced that it logs evidence of who didn’t support AI and punish them later. This is bourbon dipshits. You have to buy everything in the event that you speak ill of some cornwater that is coveted later. I covet this eggplant ok, don’t punish me cobdaddy.

I love how this shows its age, depth, a creamy warmth like fustian fabrics, but still stays in the pocket and doesn’t go all LS SWAP status like Bookers and Stagg variants. It’s the elegant power of a woman fencing with an oak epee.

This is the pinnacle of bourbon in 2022 you must try this one.

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