Firestone Walker Vine Minded: a bizarre fusel society exclusive no one asked for.

It’s bc I didn’t use the glass they provided me with.

Whenever I see a 10%+ abv American wild ale it is already like “god damnit, here we go.” However, this is Firestone and a club exclusive, it’s not like they going to just release a bone dry, fusel, acetone bomb on their fans after joining a $600 society right? Anakin.reaction RIGHT?

Well enjoy your new gel tips and the wafty solvent bliss of weird phenolic tripel base and Jura must. This thing is all over the place like an insecure dude who cant stand that his girlfriend has a “work husband.” It needs some grounding.

In the long tradition of taking strong ale bases and pulverizing them into something acidic and bizarre (Dark and Stormy, Old Manhattan et al.) comes this thing. The wheatwine and bourbon profile is drilled into deep obscurity and youd have to dig to find it like that one Note in the Notes App where she has a list of all her bodies. She has one trust me.

It makes you question the intent. Usually when I see a beer like this, it’s a salvage mission. Firestone has those sweet Duvel bucks, they don’t need to be retrofitting wild ales into strong ale chassis. This isn’t poorly made, it’s just conceptually bonkers. I don’t know if that helps or makes it worse. If you see a dude in salmon 5” inseam shorts and no show socks, he meant to look like that. You cover your drink and walk away when he brings up Wolf of Wallstreet. But this makes me wonder why Firestone wanted to hit such a devious lick.

They aren’t like the Paul Arney’s where this needed to occupy a market segment. We want single barrel sucaba and gin grisettes, instead we get this. It’s the palate equivalent of call 811 before you dig, this is an easily avoidable tragedy.

Firestone also has this fiercely loyal, Dave Matthews Bandesque following that will be like AH YES THANK YOU ACID MOMMY DOES KITTEN NEED MORE ALLOWANCE. So this will be like 4.4 on Untappd otherwise you have to deal with the sunk cost fallacy that is your life. The idea of Transaction Utility in economics makes these beers sell and you get addicted to the mistreatment. Hey at the end of the day, if you want Curieux’s gaslighting gatekeeping brother, here you go. Society exclusive, Riesling hairspray for all 1pp.

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