MINTY TUBES: E.H. Taylor Amaranth Grain of the Gods

Mmm yes daddy let me see that tax strip

Next in our search to answer “What Happened to the Double Digit Age Statements” we turn to the mint tube hype juice, E.H. Taylor, Amaranth Grain of the Gods. Now we know that the bourbon community has made CIRCUMSTANCES surrounding their bottles practically erotic fan fiction. The more a community has diminishing returns, the crazier the backstories have to be to justify the steep premiums. Ask a sneakerhead why those SB Dunks are worth $1000 and revel in the DISCRETE EVENTS.

EHTAGOG was hypothetically $70 in 2019, but age statements were already laughably gone by then. Every sale post for these EHT one offs always brags about how it has a MINT TUBE. Then they provide 7 pics of the tax strip because these are so heavily counterfeited that the packaging feels like it is worth more than the actual experience of drinking it. For guys who have zero intention of drinking things, fake bottles give them a nervous breakdown.

This bottle is underwhelming and well short of the $1,700.00 secondary price tag. None of the one off EHT minty tubes are worth it but this one is outright unremarkable. Prior to this they made FOUR GRAINS and dudes who never knew they wanted extra grains flipped those. So now we have a RARE WHEAT ANALOG. OMG elusive butterscotch bombs.

It’s a slightly mintier, wheated bourbon. It provides a touch of toffee and figgy pudding, and a bit of extra juniper to the swallow and that’s it. You get a melange of cinnamon and wintergreen Five gum. The swallow has a touch of hibiscus and honestly who cares. It might as well be a Bourye blended whiskey.

The best part is people almost universally accept that it’s a mild improvement and still flip these. In bourbon, possession and collection always beats consumption and reflection.

What does an Aztec wheat have to do with the storied history of bourbon? Nothing. It’s like cross pollinated hype narratives from the equally ridiculous/exploitative Tequila world. No one else uses this seed, and you can’t have it, that’s the extent of its wholly mediocre virtues. Just buy a Four Roses store pick and tell these resells to finger their own minty tubes.

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