Redeption Rye Ancient 18 Year is a Peppermint Unicorn

Our quest to figure out “What Happened to Double Digit Age Statements?” forges onward with an adult 18-year-old Ancient Redemption Rye. The answer to this ultra-high age statement is: the retail was set to “100mg gummy high” of $400. To be clear, to even get one of these allocated a poor shopkeep has to move so many terrible bottles of rotgut Fireball and RAIN vodka that the “retail” might as well be three times that.

The bottle is gonna make southwest art aficionados horny with its iron patina plate and weathered leather cording. MMM TURQUOISE NECKLACE ME DADDY. This was distilled way back in 1998 at the Seagram’s in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Before ryephiles lactate peppermint oil, this isn’t your daddy’s MGP. They bought the distillery in 2011. CIRCUMSTANCES. The same dudes who lose their mind over Saz18 “DID IT GO IN THE TANK” festishes, are the ones who can turn a brick 9 story building in Indiana into an erotic fantasy setting.

This blows Saz18 out of the water, which isn’t saying much because that is a $1700 dose of tepid, watery, Spearmint airwick that ends up sitting on CB2 bookcase in a MAN CAVE until divorce proceedings turn it into a liquid community asset.

This is insanely good, better than Bookers Rye, THH, the higher end Willett ryes, but not the BEST ones. I thought this would taste like Five Gum aged under a seat in Regal Cinemas. It is evergreen and alpine at 110 proof. It provides a syrupy dill and menthol nose. This doesn’t hit a Listerine strip zone that some old ryes can get OVER saturated with spice. It feels almost more like old bourbon, aged toffee.

Taste is Andes mints, Djraums, A&W cream soda, Fernet, and such intense saturation and clove smoke catharsis that Davy Havok would blanche. This isn’t for dudes who collect FuncoPop Toys or listen to Tom MacDonald. This is an adult affair not for juvenile tastes. It is extinct to a saddening degree, retail and a secondary that only assures its further disappearance.

In attempting to curb secondary, the retail reinforced it. The Bookers Rye effect, is wholly saddening. But this double digit rye is an absolute unicorn. Thanks to BeverlyHillsLiquor for this insane hookup

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