Voodoo Brewing Empty Calories, A Beer for the Forgotten Moments

Calorically, You can have this or a Truly. None of this matters.

At first I didn’t understand the gestalt of this @voodoobrewery offering. It’s like an ultra clarified helles base to reduce the calories down to nothing. Then I started playing Nier and just chain crushing these.

Like products from Yum foods, this beer is vaporous, you can drill an entire bag of Munchies and you don’t feel great about it but you certainly aren’t full. It’s a way to occupy the passing moments in discrete ounces. The carb has zero retention because the beer should just be gone instantly. No single sip is definining but it’s the crisp dry unassuming series of legos that draws focus to the final product.

Cans littered everywhere, risky texts sent, a save file hours from where you last remembered. Also you agreed to go hiking the next morning for some reason. It’s not the most compelling beer of the year, but it’s the mod podge gloss for your decoupage that sets the passing moments of your life. A quick sip of corn chips and lemongrass before tossing a half empty can into the bushes in front of your AirBnb.

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