Old Nation Brewing Pret: Wit Is Happening

Wrevity is the soul of Brett

If you’re in any form of beer media you always get the Hackiest question ever, every year, until forever: what’s the next big beer style?

We see two sharp seemingly divergent trends, low abv bottom fermented crushers and gristy funky juice. But what if. Now hold onto your fukn orange slices, we merged them. What if we tread in the top fermenting desert for 40 years of SKUs and nothing came of the conflict. No theological fermentation insights, just blistered feet returning to the first GW administration beleaguered and spent.

Maybe witbiers are back. Ah yes that shocktoppy grist, the original hazy slurry. This style is the ultimate whipping boy. Everyone points and laughs and it’s the punchline equivalent of people who dunk on imagine dragons, truly the lowest of effort. But witbier itself deserves cold contemplation as the ska/guy fieri/ICP fall guy of all beer.

With @radiantbeerco and @oldnationbrewing both putting stellar versions of this style into the market I want you to examine what pushed you away from witbier. Maybe your heel turn had less to do with the style and your own sense of development pivoting from the past in that delusion of ontology, like someone who folds their arms to System of a Down like the music was the problem and not your own latent insecurities.

This beer is so tasty. Valencia zest, burrata water, graham cracker, fancy jasmine water at an overpriced barre gym. Relatable. The frothy sustain is all the things people fetishize about London ale III but not $22 a four pack, and no experimental hops.

Leave your Hoegaarden notions in the past and return to twin pines mall Marty, we have clovey Libyans to fight.

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