Wren House Brewing Barrel Select 1: a Riposte to Stout Excess

“How do I do portrait mode but like in video”

Modern harbors continue to be dredged deeper. To accommodate larger cargo vessels packed with more disposable garbage, the seafloor is scraped to boost TEU units, ultimately the excess is the undoing. All the ships end up larger and coming from like ten places, because packing in weight is job one.

If you didn’t already see the opaque parallels to stout production, welcome aboard. Toot toot. Like a choose your own adventure novel for someone who is about to get stretch marks, stouts can go two ways: first, a reversion to simplicity letting the casks express the intent or second, fight for confectionary additive dominance. Wren chose to exit the glucose matrix.

Stout quality is increasing and the demand for god tier casking is driving demand. The most successful Bourbon County in a decade is double barrel, BBT, TWCP Maman, none of these grind or bisect any beans.

Barrel select 1 is the phenomenal Kingsnake base, but cask only. No wafflecone or exotic bean sourcing, just malt and staves. The result is a stout that expresses waves of red fruit, Malbec, cherry cordial, currant, dried cranberry, black and milds, black patent malt, a silky chocolate rayon with tightly woven seams.

After you are long gone, the excesses from a Chinese cargo ship will live on, terrible Tory Burch flats that will never biodegrade. An infinitely scrolling timeline with adaptive ads. Four single women in their late 20s screaming the lyrics to Poker Face with a half empty bottle of birthday cake Ciroc in a 740sf apartment. The La Brea tar pit of excess. It swallows extremely dry with the wood imparting a weird toasted pecan thing that mixed with the fruit leather like a summer salad without the beets. In what can only be an accounting error: you can drink the entire bottle yourself and there isn’t any oily coconut eczema, so you can tell they skimped.

Cargo ships will push dredging to complete muck. It is untenable and the brownie batter dredge spoil is bad for everyone. Silt, shells, floppy disks, fathead posters, broken barrel staves, box wine bags, anthropogenic land masses made by mouthbreathing chocolate gurglers who constantly need more.

Learn to swim see you down in Arizona bay

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