Private Press Brewing Electric Roads is Fantastically Excessive Like Gated Reverb

Prepare for normal people to not be as excited about Private Press as you are

Phil Collins accidentally discovered gated reverb while mixing down a Peter Gabriel track in 1979. This inorganic drum sound infected pop music for years to come. The compression took what people were used to and amplified it with infectious results.

With Private Press, some often still try to compare these bottles to old Jackie O’s offerings. This double barrel barleywine exhibits the difference in approach between both notably good products. It seems as though some are reticent to believe a society only beer as the impressions can be gated reverb themselves, echoing the quality to affirm their own financial decisions.

This isn’t Phil Collins, take a look at me now, when I tell you this is such a cask driven novel spin on the style. You get the toffee and Skor bar, sure. But when this opens up to 62 degrees it starts to unfold like a cherry cordial/raisinette/Dr. Pepper prune aspect that blurs the genre of almost a non-acetic oud Bruin with thise waves of black cherry.

It’s a degree of luxury that begins to feel like that irritating friend who has gotten deep into home theater. You nod trying to embrace hearing about Cardas Clear optical cables that cost $1,500 for optimal physical media fidelity. It’s costly but you feel the difference.

It doesn’t mask this elegance and the marketing materials are knowingly over the top, that friend at a karaoke bar who clear wants to sing but feigns resistance “ok FINE, I’ll sing Evanesence, omg you guys-“ Its worth it for the swallow that is all fig Newton and Oh Henry, a drag longer than the Zach Snyder cut of Justice League.

This isn’t mobile or accessible. It’s hard to open this in any context where you won’t be able to talk about it, so you can’t go opening this with your girlfriend’s friends boyfriend who is all into Trager pellet grills and talking about “now they cancelled Pepe Lepew and Dr Seuss!”

Know your audience is what I’m saying. If you don’t care about a double barrel blend with a 7 barrel liner sheet outlining the threads blended, then just imagine you try talking about it to a woman wearing a three finger ring and a swoopy sun hat.

Your excess is their Phil Collins and your gated reverb will embarass yourself in the wrong context.

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