Revolution Brewing Apple Brandy Ryeway is Your Sticky Apple Fritter Meetcute

Right to the core

Scarcity can be mistaken for value in collectors’ markets. Misprinted Pokemon cards, unpainted prototype action figures: unintentional variants all are sought after not because of their inherent utility, but merely because no one else has them.

In beer, variants can create this fervor. There are innumerable terrible Dark Lord variants whose sole virtue is, ironically, fewer people have to drink them. Sometimes, the variant itself IS the quality. Swap out bourbon barrels for rye, or apple brandy, and watch dudes trip over their Grateful Dead Dunks to clasp the hem of Revolution’s strong ale populism.

Revolution continues its revolt by releasing the sought-after variant, Apple Brandy Ryeway in cans, in four packs, without wax, no membership, no raffle, just putting barleywine fentanyl in the streets. Ryeway can sometimes run a touch dry, the past two years were attempting to catch the majesty of the 2017 cans and apple brandy has a new routine entirely.

In lieu of herbaceous, leathery goodness, this leans towards butterscotch kisses, candied apple, cinnamon red hots, fritter, and molasses. It feels more viscous. Revolution prides itself on the leaner, sinewy offerings, but this is a “winter coat” variant that can serve as big spoon or little spoon with that squishy BMI

The swallow is warming and has a home run pie meets Hot Tamales aspect. It is agile enough, but masks a lot of the crackly rye with a sweet orange marmalade drag. If you press hard enough on anyone’s love handles, you will feel a hipbone eventually.

If you have ever been in a relationship with someone who smells like Parliament menthols just hoping someday they would do the bare minimum, then apple brandy is the act III romcom meetcute to your beer palate. Sweet, unassuming, there the whole time, warm embrace of mama’s lattice crust and cobbler kisses on the neckline. This is the one you were meant to be with, not that jilted beer who was original for original sake. What even is Noise Music? Doing ketamine isn’t a personality trait.

Forget the wax pull tabs, wrap yourself in the scratchy apple wool of this comforting filling. Variation in itself, is not value, but value can be sussed out through variants

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