Batch 66. Permanent Hangover. Westbrook/8th State/Birds Fly South/Charleston Fermentory. Nothing was the same.

I know every episode of @maltcoutureddb shatters expectations and reshapes all of craft beer from the stained glass fragments on a weekly basis. But this episode obliterates all expectations with the mendacious @permanenthangover Andy Godish! We do an ALL SOUTH CAROLINA BEER SHOOTOUT. We pit the SC king 👑 @westbrookbrewingco against @the8thstatebrewing and @bfsbeer and @chsfermentory . Only one remains. Also we play a new game of FASHION OR FERMENTATION. Andy really crushed it at that one. It’s too much to handle. I’ll be able to retire in Decorah on patreon dollars from this single episode.

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