William H Heavenhill b6 is wildly expensive, and outright incredible

Ok it’s time to play another round of: Was This a Colossal Waste of Money? The answer in the case of William H. Heavenhill is, Colossal yes, Waste of Money no. Let’s lay some foundation for this 16 year, 106 proof heater. First and foremost, this is a gift shop only bottle that you can buy after you go on the tour, for $250.00 retail. That last part likely made your balloon knot clench, and for understandable reasons. That’s like half a bottle of AVION in the club.

At this moment any other reviewer would immediately cop out, decry the price point and then proceed to point out that knob creek barrel proof costs a fraction as much and end the review with a pithy BUY ECBP INSTEAD. The slaps on the back would be resonant and endlessly accessible. Here’s why putting McKenna on a pedestal and being a false ally of the people doesn’t work: this is insanely good. The age statement alone is noteworthy but Diageo turns out geriatric trashwater so that cant carry the day. The secret sauce here is just how flawlessly rounded and poised this is. If you know the different between Booker’s and Booker’s 25th you know the difference some extra age and stock selection can make. This is like stock mustang vs GT500 difference in both price and quality.

The nose just separates in waves like flaky baklava serving up waves of cinnamon, apple filling and a ton of cherrywood split lumber. The taste feels so old and refined like some luxury hot tamales made by National Distillers. The swallow just vibrates with allspice and leather crashing like a zildjian cymbal. The internal mapping of the Heat travels slowly into your chest and you can almost see the inforgraph of the Vick’s vapor rub juice warming your guts in the best way.

The price is insane and you are paying a massive premium for a unicorn barrel. It is by no means a deal and I can already feel er10 dudes calling unrelatable DDB a tater shill. I get it: it’s expensive. It is also incredible and there are many far far worse bourbons selling for much more secondary. If you want to spend less go ECBP or Knob 25, no one will fault you. This however is some crazy unique cornwater worthy of at least a taste if you can smash it. Waste of money? Depends on how much Balenciaga you own. Colossal? Not by any standard.

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