Trimtab Brewing Language of Thunder Cumulus Sets a New Bar for Alabama Breweries

The United States is a mixed bag of inequality when it comes to beer releases and no other aspects. Some regions get a seemingly unending lapping brook of batter to constantly satiate their saccharine needs. Other states, like Alabama, seem wholly divested from the hypebeast whale chasing culture altogether. If you have ever had something like BDCS from Ozark Brewing in Arkansas, you know that there are amazing gems all over this nation, not just St. Louis, Miami and the bustling metropolis of Greensboro. Trimtab Brewing is one such place. I too am not immune to such dismissals and prejudices. When a bunch of people told me “Trimtab is the hottest brewery in Alabama” it read like someone being the most empathetic person at a Ben Schaprio event. However, this brewery is not just Alabama good, if that is a qualifier, it is good good. 

A Trimtab is a stupid little device on an airplane, a lower rudder. Who gives a shit. Like that piece, you might overlook this southern darling. In 2017 these guys partnered up with the abysmally shitty Abita brewing to expand their distro, but thankfully did not lose any equity, or worse, let Abita add gross 504 fruit puree to the mix. At any rate, Language of Thunder Cumulus is damn good and totally antithetical to the current stout climate. On paper, it looks as predictable as an irritating love interest in a japanese RPG: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial stout aged with vanilla beans & toasted coconut. Wow, really stretching those innovation muscles. But then you see the 9.6% abv and notices that the pour doesn’t entirely stain and sheet the glass with filthy Nestle residual sugar. This might actually be beer and not some Coldstone Creamery cunnilingus. 

The lines are tightly sewn and it leaves waves of wafflecone, roasted malt akin to pumpernickle or that squaw bread from Cheesecake factory and closes with a well-integrated Zero bar swallow. It’s gone instantly, but in a strangely refreshing way. The coconut is more of a lipid structure adding a slick oiliness rather than an overbearing Yankee candle dominance. Alabama has the fifth highest obesity rate in the nation so I expected some pure 20p finishing gravity nonsense but this was very good. 
This may sound crazy but, there might be beers out there whose value isn’t wholly dependent upon secondary sales validity. It’s almost like with 7000 breweries there hypboiz might just actually start drinking the innumerably awesome hidden options and, wait no, turns out another Derivation just dropped, nevermind, fuck every other brewery I am buying razzle slots.

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