Westbound and Down Acid Jazz volume 2 is both rooted in the past and surpassing modern standards

Unless you’re in Colorado, @westboundanddownbrewingco is not probably a brewery that you give a shit about. No memberships, no razzle value, people just buy and consume the delicious bottles like total dumbshits. Idaho Springs, Colorado still lives in the early 2010s, but the beers this place is putting out are consistently noteworthy. I just figured this was some forgettable 15bbl brewpub off the I-70 with Edison lights or predictable chicken and waffles, until I tried their wild ales. Amlam has taken fire lately since forever as the demands for acidity reparations increase. These beers opt for that @foragerbrewery and @floodlandbrewing softness that I adore. In lieu of mandible dissolving intensity, the beers drink closer to brett B rosé. This beer acid jazz volume II is a hyperaged Golden with a massive tannic presence not from heavy handed purée pounding, but residual skinny skins. Don’t stand there and act like you crush Cab Francs you @450northbrewing sipping hypocrite.

The end result is this massively funky beer that drinks exceedingly similar to fruited advanced oak theory in the best way. If you enjoy that construction paper and flintstones pushpop sherbert aspect you will enjoy this completely. I skulled almost the entire bottle, which is hugely aberrant from the modern pool chemical sours I am subjected to. My palate has fatigue from so many terrible/aggro sour goldens so when you hit gold it feels all the more refreshing. I will stay patiently watching this brewery to see what other hijinks these guys get mixed up into. Watch it will be some god damn $500 reserve society or canned kettle sours or a conglomerate buyout and I can return to my “lost faith” setting. #colorado #beer #instabeer #rarebeer #jazz #acidjazz #beerstagram

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