Hill Farmstead Ephraim: Revisited

It has been a spicy minute since I have put the initimable @hillfarmstead Ephraim inside of me. This borderline triple IPA harkens from a simpler time of hop culture. In 2011 all we knew was Liquid Sunshine, and Horny Tubers, and Coast Boy King and Kern Citra. You see you didn’t designate a “west coast” IPA everything was just an IPA, even god awful crystal bombs out of the Midwest, Bells Devil Dancer tasting like an imperial amber. We didn’t have haze as we now know it, there was a light Coastal fog of Conan yeast. Now we have haze ~ pulp ~ egg drop soup ~ hollandaise all the way to PuréePA. Ephraim was on the Ba top 100 and remains one of my favorite DIPAs of all time. It has a massive sticky resinous structure to it that unites sativa with tangelo, clementine pith and grapefruit JUUL. On the swallow is an impossible long conifer aspect that streaks with a caramel structure amongst the oily drag. They didn’t even add cardamom or star anise to it. Almost all of the classic West Coast iterations are dying and the rise of the Jamba Cadre is largely thanks to IG hazefluencers posting endless iterations of the same beer, and vapid 40 word reviews complete with cross tags, links to their custom beer tee link, and the first comment littered with algorithm optimized hashtags. What a time to be drinking 2 row and simcoe like a total idiot. Ephraim doesn’t require a ring light or an impossibly doctored selfie, I guess a janky toaster will have to do to honor the old monarchs of rhizome lore. DONT FORGET TO BUY UR TICKETS TO THE DDB LIVE SHOW 5/31

One thought on “Hill Farmstead Ephraim: Revisited

  1. So, real question is… Are we back to that B1 greatness? B2 was a sticky Devil Dancer mess and nobody wants that.

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