Ratio Beerworks Genius Wizard is an ambitious Colorado venture into ultra casking

@ratiobeerworks has thrown their hat into the increasingly crowded realm of Denver beer. I continue to love that city and their generous populace. Here we have Genius Wizard, an ultra casked 2 year imperial stout. It is relatively thin but not in a Baltic Porter way, more akin to a continental European execution. Roast and skoal, anise and molasses dominate. The saturation on the oak profile is excessive and at colder temps presents a mild astringency. It’s pretty good but lacks the heft to support such an ambitious oak profile and I think the 12 month version of this would provide more of a Goldilocks approach to what they are attempting. In all, pretty good, albeit not brownie paradigm shifting. #stout #cobeer #rarebeer #instabeer #colorado

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