Casey Funky Blender Preserves BlackBerry is exceptional in tannins and acid and oak, oh lawd it comin

Funk? No! Captain Funk. God damn Casey sometimes swerves into acidity or fruit reliance but often the flawless helix of brett and barrel and grist and tannins merge like some wallonian Captain Planet ๐ŸŒŽ and this is the result. They are champions of undercutting their own absurdly well done stock and people will step on their own labias to try Jammy and leave those Randian Colorado residents knowingly sipping the dank shit furtively. So many wild ales I receive and enjoy maybe 8 ounces. I feel my masticary flows and gums tighten but not here. In some @caseybrewing stonefruit missteps? Sure. But god damn this is intensely enjoyable #fruit #musk #funk #colorado #beer #beerstagram #instabeer

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