Three Chiefs Uno, Stripping Down the Adjunct and Cask accoutrements str8 nakie

In the valley of the damned

Days breaks with golden strand

Over pastures green it glows

To where night returns.

This is the new @threechiefsbeer and it’s a bold departure from the prior canon. No adjuncts. Essentially no casking. [inb4 lololol the prior beers had no cask 1!1!1!1] but essentially this is fully naked. I admire pulling the curtain away especially for such a young hypemachine. It’s viscous, toasted pumpernickel and baker’s chocolate, nespresso pods, and oddly sweeter than the castles variants so the oak must temper the residual sugars of the base. It’s frothy and has a great sustain and sheeting throughout. It’s not on par with Faha but this is more like a posthumous unfinished Nakobov novel. You can see the inner workings but it lacks the polish of the fully developed entries. It’s entertaining to compare this to the non casked wakefield entries because they are exceedingly similar but I would give this a slight edge. It is telling because you don’t see @gooseisland rolling out the nightstalker or BCBS secret sauce or pulling its pants down for a pre barrel maltoscopy. I appreciate the vulnerability. I don’t see Cory tossing naked ass Derivations in bottles but maybe that’s because none of these beers feel finished compared to their insanely polished barrel aged counterparts. There’s a ton of tired crude/refinery/chevron bits and tags I will spare you from. Let’s just stipulate that the petrolepuns were rendered. 200 dudes will still line up along El Segundo to hit even the stripped down bottles from 3C and I don’t entirely blame them. No one else would prep a massive non ba beer like this, it’s being vetted specifically for thinning in barrels so in this form it’s excessive in a fun way

If don’t matter none of this matters

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