Drakes Brewing Headzo is Staves to the Wall Intensity, Steppin on my Grapes

You may think of @drakesbeer and hoppy gems come to mind. Maybe you know about their GABF gold for their barrel aged barleywine. But. God damn this beer is pure tawny port chaos. At first glance it’s dead flat with massive clear sheeting gripping the glass like those claimed souls in Ursula’s grotto. This is ramped up and an excessive merger of Xyauyu and Kuhnhenn zeitgeist. It’s so god damn syrupy and leads with an iced wine, fortified grape, prune to the point of fusel Sir Marks a Lot wafts. In the Life world, this is a hulking Zangief that takes skill to employ. I almost never say this but you need to drink this at straight up 70 degrees room temp. It opens up and a Georgia O’Keefe caramel flower unfolds, petals soaked in Jura wine. It’s a bizarre beer from start to finish. I came back the next morning and I think i liked it even more, what is this sorcery….session Utopias? If you have have @mysticbrewery Entropy then you know all you need to know.

Many people will not be on board for this tannin monster. That being said, there’s not much like it and if you want an insane completely exaggerated Life then split this four ways and start chopping up botrytized lines, wiping noble rot on your gums.

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