Bottle Logic Fundamental Observation batch 4: bean grinding

With all these harrowing tales of the Nilla Market Crash, I was curious to see if it was purely supply driven or if it was reflexive to the actual quality of the beer. Nobody trades for Beer to actually drink it and the streets being “flooded” with more accessible amazing stouts is a bad thing only for dumbfucks who predicate their self esteem on sugar water “value.” Think sacchrocurrency except the block chains are run by dudes who play Warhammer. This @bottlelogicbrewing offering has the old “even batch” muted vanilla in that it isn’t one dimensional and like b2 leans more toward barrel. This is all but a neg for the type of consumer who wants a unidimensional waffle cone experience. Batch 4 doesn’t bisect my bean. It’s very good, worse than b3 and the likes of FunSum, but superior to FOb2. If your sense of self worth is tied to possessing sugar water someone else created, then maybe this isn’t for you. Maybe you need a moment of reflection for the diminishing returns attendant to a hobby of consumption. Maybe no one gives a fuck what you have in your linen closet.

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