2012 Fantome extra sour b1: the legend continues to improve

In 2012 Fantome extra sour dropped and rocked my world for what was possible in the realm of saisons. This same year we saw insane bangers like Ann and inimitable gems from Mackenzie public house. The days of @southamptonpublickhouse Peconic were dead to us but we didn’t know it then. Saisons themselves were about to enter a world of monoculture fuckery and denatured marketing. This beer is one of my favorite beers of all time. Each time I dip my musky wick into this 600 bottle release it reminds me anew of the farmhouse power to describe, compel, renew. It has a balance to the sky high 10% abv, zested tangerine, a double helix of brett L and B providing depth and almost an Armandesque 3F to the acidity. The carb, I mean jesus just look at the meringue sustain. It’s uplifting to gaze upon this tipping point, a point in saison life before enamel strippers set work to stripmine our mandibles under the banner of FARMHOUSE CULTURE. Because that’s what wallonian field hands wanted after hours of agrarian toil: a crushingly dry ph3.0 Beer you can only drink 4 ounces of. Super rustic. Thankfully we have @rusticales and @suarezfamilybrewery and @oddbreedwildales pushing the pendulum back to center. Once the garbage palates move on to 12 Plato FG beers, saisons can get back to basics.

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