Calusa brewing Fog Warning Session IPA

God damn I keep marveling at @calusabrewing how they take relatively simple styles and jam pack so much flavor into tightly fermented structure. The problem with most session ipas is they feel watery or unsubstantial or hot you with excessive boil hops and no counterbalance in malty sweetness, this eschews both problems but being lighthanded in the bittering but providing almost a grisette type of body to make it drink higher than its finishing Plato would indicate. The spot welds are seamless and it’s excessively crooooshable lemon chobani, O bang and a soft aserose finish. It’s a beverage that lubricates activities instead of commanding their attention, like a nuanced John C Riley performance where you see what he is capable of without needing to beat you over the head with his depth. Solid work right here from a state perhaps not known for a light hand on the throttle, this pumps a soft rev on my hazy motoguzzi

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