Monkish stampede the globe. Dudes stampeding in flip flops

Stampede indeed, cicerhinos in full force. To get to today’s @monkishbrewing can release there were dudes legit running to get to the line, dashing across busy ass Western ave, that awkward cargo shorts and flip flops hurried waddle. You know the look of a champion when they swing that growler bag avoiding the retaining wall on the haze hunt. This is an extremely citra driven, creamy albeit drying DDH hazebanger that makes floccbois creamy their oaty jeans. The pizza guys are monkish have zero chill and between the hops and the intense garlic the whole place feels like a red and white checkered table cloth Italian restaurant. The summer fashion is flatbilled hats with chunky white SPY sunglasses on top. Male to female ratio in attendance mirrors a Fairbanks logging camp. The beer is fantastic and this spot still somehow has a segment of dudes who are legit happy to try things and meet one another, despite the furtive razzler in attendance. Just four consecutive razzles and he can afford a Magic lambic that is maybe 20% better than regular ass Oude Gueuze, these are the peaks and valleys of the current Beer climate. You only feel the heat if you focus on it.

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