2015 domaine trouillet pouilly fuissé, interpretive Theater

Tessa has tumbling practice after Mason gets out of Theater Play, but my Ford Flex has this engine picture on and we have to go to Taryn’s birthday party for her cat, she’s still single, god can you imagine? I need to get my blunt cut done in the back with chunky yellow highlights but that cuts into my session with my life coach and he books so far out. So I have to either push my wine and painting night with the Alpha Phis or totally bail on goat yoga with Madison. Either way I look like garbage and honestly it’s affecting my vision board, being too invested and too honest has always been a problem of mine, this is a side note but I feel like the Summer line of Lulus have totally predictable mesh outcropping almost totally similar to the spring line, Kaitlyn told me about this new app that’s uber but Spotify for mimosas for dog brunches. She’s been crushing it at Rodan and Fields just making us all supes jelly, like could you not? Plus the housekeeper keeps putting things in weird places like ok why would my Urban Decay go in the same drawer as my Invisalign retainers? Sometimes I wonder what she’s even thinking. I’m sorry, Jessica I’m just on this cayenne cleanse and I’m being a total Seeyou. There should be a job just like playing with dogs, it’s fucked up that the world won’t let you do what you want. Have you had eggs benedict, I feel like crab cakes is like a French tip on a French tip, it’s too extra for me. Plus Kevin is going through this midlife, reassessment and just burning through our kitchen renovation budget, he bought a Nissan sorry Datesun two hundred Z or something, mid life crise, I don’t even want to get into it. Yeah sorry we are ready, just give me the butteriest chard. I hate when the server like hovers like Erghhh we get it, hey omg it’s Mason’s tap instructor i have to take this at the table sorry “Heyyyy THEO! No no I’m at brunch go ahead-“

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