The final avian infinity birds have clicked into the barley gauntlet. 2005 OG white whale and the present east end gratitude flock.

Finally, the crow to unite them all: the OG 2005 white maltwhale. Some of my readers my be too young to remember when BA was still relevant and may have never seen the original top 100 white whale list but this beer changed the scope of what I knew was possible in the style of barleywine and vintage beer in general. This remains one of my favorite beers of all time and after seven discrete trades over 17 months I have assembled the full aviary, 2005 through 2018. The flock will blacken the sky and livers tomorrow as the masses are redolent of faded hops and toffee cardboard. Neckbeard will molt. Never before has such a beastiary been assembled and I can scarecrow imagine just an avian affair ever flocking again. From flockboys past to the cringeworthy floccboiz of present, no feather will remain unruffled.

Additional infinity stones click into the barley gauntlet, lord Maris summoned from the depths of an endless boil, the guardian of aviaries past and present, @eastendbrewing the celestial arbiter of non barrel aged barleywine standards with flapping casks deafening the masses bent on their FG 1.050+ confectionary hedonism. The reckoning is tomorrow and Woodshop will purge the world of black patent malt evils.

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