Creature comforts and Jackie Os: Athens to Athens grist to grist

Athens and Athens, one is home to R.E.M., the other is home to dudes with multiple DUIs heavy into artisan chili. U DECIDE. I saw “smoked” on the label and my coin purse shriveled like a time lapse video of a plum in the hot sun. Thankfully, the massive barrel solitary confinement tempered the smoke and integrated it akin to faded hops. If you had Gratitude 2008a everyone had these doom and gloom projections but over time the two folded into one another like some raisin origami. There is a funky fig and tobacco thing going on in the swallow that adds depth but never oversteps it’s boundaries and asks to stay over when you know they could Uber home. The swallow is incredibly long and separates into an odd port tannic structure that I don’t love but there’s not many other beers that go that route. Maybe @tiogasequoia double barrel smoke jumper? I’m sure dudes will prefer the likes of Cellar 11 but this has enough going on that you just ride the wave like Into the Void and enjoy the pruney journey.

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