Floodland Brewing Protection Spells is a dazzling initial entry. I can’t even imagine what else they have up their tank.

This is one of the most stellar initial offerings I have had from a brewery in a long time. It is on par with Power Stone for Sega Dreamcast if we are talking launch titles. On the face of it I prebooked an appointment with my dentist after reading it was back blended with acid beer aged on pluots. Dread set in. So out the gates @floodlandbrewing takes a challenging pommelhorse and then just sticks the landing. The carb is magnificent and sheets but provides gusts of olfactory upwinds like Link on a tiny acidic glider. It has waves of plum, loquat, nectarine and candied ginger. The color is radiant and shows depth beyond a cliche ba golden with some Sysco tier fruit dumped in. The taste is like a white zin with pangs of rosè and fume blanc. There’s a massive fruit presence that leads with a farmers market foot and an acidity that feels like @caseybrewing or a @hillfarmstead fruited flora in its sheer restraint on the pH throttle. I finished the entire 750ml with ease and the lingering residual swallow has this sharp dryness like Jazz apple that compels deeper pulls. It pains me to even write this, I poison my own well like Kefka and already know this will lead to inaccessibility but praise where it is due, this might be an early contender for ddb best of 2018 and these boys just getting started.

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