The Veil Bourbon circle of wolves fully redeems the apple brandy version

Apple Brandy Circle of Wolves was essentially a stout in many ways.  For whatever reasons the SRM, the residual sweetness, the execution just screamed borderline cocoazone. Never take Life to the cocoa zone, no choc zone, no choc zone THEY KNOWWW BETTER.  So when I went to address the bourbon version imagine my surprise when it looked like certifiable life, it smelled like creme brulee and bananas fosters.  There was a burnt brown sugar aspect but also a gritty american oak dryness to it: they did what they were supposed to do. The taste was more nimble and felt custom tailored instead of the H&M one size fits all sweatshop malt profile that makes breweries look frumpy.  Somewhere between Mother of All Storms and Cigar City Opal, this beer lies prostrate waiting your embrace.  Not hot enough to make you wince but with a refined sugar aspect you can actually embrace. If you are a poor fuck and cannot land this, go for Begyle 500 because that beer is very similar and also secretly well done.  But these are moving in the same realm as FO and they are exceptional so stop being a bitch about the cinnamon. If you cant handle me at my Apple Brandiest then you dont deserve me at my Bourboniest.

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