No jubilee no gambit: just colossus. A review of this Duclaw HIGH GRAVITY HYBRID

I am confident that after the flaming dumpster fire drama with @duclawbrewingco a couple weeks ago, that people wanted some crazy hyperbolic takedown of this beer. Sadly, this beer fails to stand out in any real meaningful way, positive or negative and that net neutrality is almost more depressing. I mean, sure, just on paper this beer has a lot of already against it: unclear style designation, sky high abv, w brewery not exactly known for its barrel aged pedigree, its ambitious to say the least. It would be like if @victorybeer announced that they were releasing a barrel aged eisbock. You would wince and just wish them the best. This beer can best be described as “fusel martinellis” and the pistol for the palate flagellation sounds thereafter. The body for a beer this massive is wafer thin and that is a huge problem for a beer with this ” grain alcohol and nothing else” sort of execution. It’s Jazz apple and weird watery caramel with a shot of E and J dropped in. It’s not too sweet and in any other context that would be great but the intense drying and alcohol heat serves as the main attraction. Mind you I don’t have some baby palate I just in general tend to eschew drinking white lightning cut with Welch’s, as a guiding life principle. It bears reminding, this beer was bottled like four years ago and his is how integrated it is. If you like Curieux but were like “yeah but I dont deserve nice things” and dropped in some Malort, then here you go. It is a novelty it is historically noteworthy but the consumer for a beer like this simply does not exist in anno domini 2018.

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