2004 Cantillon st lamvinus unblended, fosgate fifteens about to wake these damn Rones up

2004 Cantillon St. Lamvinus unblended ghostloon 🐳. Single cask lammy with no priming sugar but still an excellent silky carb to it, far better than relatively younger Grand Crus, and as a result the mouthfeel has this nice creamy gelato aspect to it. My understanding is this was only made Akkurat to be served along side the normal ass poverty lam. This is rougher, muddied, light oxy and fantastic musk like construction paper and rocket pop sticks. The acidity is so refined and makes crushing this two ways exceptionally easy albeit compelling yourself to stop and try to reflect upon it. Paired well with a chick-fil-a. The swallow is layered and has this grape fruit leather and wet denim aspect that lingers exceptionally long without any mandibular drying. A god damn treat with that sticky minx @beersnobbin as usual.

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