Veil brewing Lovely is just that, exceptionally delicate and gorgeous.

already expressed my grumblings with the recent Veil foray into barleywine so when I approached this mixed ferm saison, I had this air of resignation wondering whether Veil only had this one kinetically charged playing card in their Gambit arsenal. Remy Lebeaus aside, I was fucking wrong.  This beer might be better than their hop game and I cant see Veil outdoing what they have accomplished with this sleeper gem. The Veil’s Lovely could very well be the best beer that they have ever brewed and I have not seen a single ISO or a piece of confetti in the way of fanfare. The pale ale meets dry saison character is a fantastic canvas to paint these mixed ferm hues.  It is as delicate as a hibiscus flower floating in a puddle of Sierra Mist.  The body is svelte and elegant, crisp anjou pear, a foamy collaring akin to a malfunctioning dishwaster, residual grist rings the glass like a Dawn Oruborus.  The nose is radiant, that soft winter sunlight that offers up Meyer lemon, white Burgundy Chablis, and a minerality that imparts a brackish swallow of sorts. It’s a delicate little paper farmhouse crane that folds in on itself for this microstructure that is dizzying to unpack. This reminds me so much of the b1 Hill Farmstead Juicy with the old hop profile integrated in a motueka/Sprite/key lime pie on the nose. It has the deep hip mobility to break parallel with clean form, engaging the core and getting that deep saison pump.

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